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A simple framework for dynamics

December 20, 2008


I started to think about building a very simple framework for dynamics based on this article:

It uses the verlet method and then successive systems to check for constraints, collisions etc. – I like this approach as it seems pretty modular. I think the basic method ill go for is defining objects/verts/lines/etc with attributes, whether there masses or constraints connecting masses together. Then the main system calls the general functions on them.

Im not sure if this is correct but i think the aproach with the main system is to:

1. Calculate all the forces of all the masses
2. Apply verlet algorithm with a timeStep
3. Do a scene check i.e if the masses are in a box if its simple or/and
do some collision/friction checking
4. satisfy the constraints

Im not sure if 4 & 3 are the right order so, ill have to think on that – but this is my basic approach to building a simple system. I thought of attributes because they could be place on anything then, and i could add some function for display methods, like cylinders and spheres.

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