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Re: Scene Traversal…

February 21, 2011


A very simple way to unify all this is to make everything use the same basic tag structure, and semantically traverse through it using the ‘type’ property. This makes more sense in max as everything would need some sort of custom attribute tag. A simple example:

‘tag_arm’ would have three children referencing tags: ‘tag_upper’, ‘tag_lower’ and ‘tag_hand’ – it could have  a child ‘tag_ik’ and ‘tag_fk’ too,  which in turn would reference the ik/fk bones, controls etc..

Functions would get passed via the .children property, and probably by a cleaner function to get a child ‘type’ from a tag. Functions could in fact point to types of tags, held in the children property. For instance an fk/ik snap function held on the arm_tag could check if in its children existed a ‘tag_fk’ and ik type.

Just thoughts atm..