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General/common approaches..

May 22, 2011


I do an general review of rigs and processes every few years. It’s by no means the be and end all of rigs – just what seems to be common and consistent throughout the industry.

With rig, essentially what’s coming across is independence and counter rotation avoidance:

Gross Torso control
Independent hips/chest control
Break joints (Bendbone) at the spine, neck, arms & legs
Isolation in the head, arms and legs in FK (local/parent/world space)
Independence of the head, hands & feet in IK (local/parent/world space)
Natural/Reverse Foot
Stretching in spine, neck, arms & legs
Pinnable Elbows/Knees

Keyable pivots are appearing in several rigs but its definitely not mainstream yet. With facial rigs, one common approach is rising through – morphs, driving on face controls driving bones.

Surface capture has made its debut with LA:Noire. Wonder if there will be a bridging of disciple between both approaches.