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Transforms, matrices, ideas and the likes..

May 25, 2009


Sorry for the delay, pretty busy here at work essentially rebuilding some big pipeline tools, systems etc etc.

First up I’ve got a new idea for an animation controller which I’m sort of keeping under wraps. Basically rigs are hooked together by controllers which are animated, problem is most of these tend to be custom – what im planning is a very basic controller that does advanced transforms very well – on top of this customly defined controls can be added on top – which get sort of ‘wired’ into the system.

Secondly I’ve been trying to explain (hopefully) transforms over at CGTalk. A transform is basically a direction with a spin projected by an offset about a coordinate system. Now this sounds a little complex so over the next few posts i’ll explain them a little bit better hopefully with some interesting examples.

K.I.S.S – and my own invention: The 9 Min rule.

July 10, 2007


Keep it simple stupid – very important words in rigging. If a rig doesnt need extraneous controls dont add them – and if in the end your’ll get the same result using fk use it!  Theres no need for complexity if the rig works using simple systems. Its finding the right balance of automation and manual control without losing flexibility in a rig.

 If you do have a lot of automation also give control to key out pops and flips.  I’ve stuck with the same rig design for a while now and kept trying to improve it but relised i was making it more of a hinderance. Heres some tips:

  • The animation rig should be very very fast to use and abide to the ‘9 min rule’ (just made that up) – that apon loading the scene all major controls and most secondary controls, should be understandable to use and quick to pose.
  • Keep deformations on a seperate layer, such as twist bones, advanced spine, tweener bones
  • Give the animator to fix pops with the deformation layer