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Rigs: To update or use a new version?

June 18, 2009


I found a dilemma today involving updating rigs – firstly what’s the best approach to update one, and secondly when should a users just use a new version?¬†Should we just keep updating a rig with updates or at some point build a new version of the base rig with the said updates? I.e a new version. It’s a tricky problem for a development.

I guess the best paradigm for it is this – build a rig, and when changes happen apply them in a form of updates to users who are already using the rig. But in addition to the updates, update the original rig so that new users get the change instantly without being out of sync with the old ones.

Updating needs to be simple; simple enough for anyone to just drop an updated file in a folder and have the rig read it in.

As to any character pipeline backbone, the ability to update a rig without destroying the animation is crucial.