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Hiding Transforms in Layers of Abstraction

May 21, 2010


Don’t do this!

What you see is what you get – that is the rule you need to follow when it comes to getting and setting transforms. When an objects transform is actually an internal transform relative to an internal parent and not its physical one things get very complicated when trying to access them.

If at all possible (this applies to rigging too) when accessing data and there controls, don’t hide data/curves in other data/controls methods. Blending between IK-FK is a clearly defined system; you can see both systems and know when your blending between them.

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  1. JHN #
    May 21, 2010

    Are you refering too CAT? I think you do and I whole heartedly agree. Try mapping mocap data on a rig… with position and rotation constraints… what!?


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