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Ordered systems: properties

February 6, 2010


As with an object existing as an index of a system, additional nodes, assets etc may affect the system directly or indirectly. For these the only reference thats needed is the system itself e.g.

011 = Root
011-21 = upperLeg
011-22 = lowerLeg[1] = polevector

This is very rough atm, and currently called a ‘property’ of the system. Anything can be a property of a system including, nodes, controllers, values – it’s just something thats related to the system.

Im assuming we can ask an object/controller/value etc if its the property of a system with x.isProperty returning the systems index its connected to.

Properties just aid the system – there created when the system is created. E.g if my system is a leg, a property in the form of a poleVector may get created. And this may be based on custom information with the system when its saved like “poleVector=True” etc.

Properties are what control the system, and there what get saved I’m assuming if we need to save animation.

How this animation is stored is something I’m not sure about – it would be a transform matrix, but whether it would be the transform relative to the system itself, character, base or the world i don’t know.

The interesting thing with this approach of
parent-system-index|property is that it can work with agile scrum type tracking.

A character maybe a system, with a set of indices denoting steps in its creation. eg.

project X|Assets|Characters|
project X|Assets|Characters|-|PlayerMale|Model
project X|Assets|Characters|-|PlayerMale|Model|-|Mesh|lowRez
project X|Assets|Characters|-|PlayerMale|Animation|-|ambient|aa

With properties of playerMale being ‘name’, ‘role’, ‘height’ etc..

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