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Weight space entries.

January 24, 2010


Entries placed inside the weight space, are based on the products of multiple weights in a value interpolated sense between [0:1].

I.e An entry placed at 0.5 using weight A * weight B should not be the product of weight A and B to produce 0.5. As inconsistencies can arise for example:

A = 1.0, B = 0.5
A = 0.5, B = 1.0

Resulting in unbalanced in between combinations – Rather an entry sits at the product of a value interpolate by each weight:

Weight A @ 0.0 – Value = 0.0
Weight A @ 0.5 – Value = 1.0
Weight A @ 1.0 – Value = 0.0

The entry therefore sits at (weight A @ 0.5 = Value 1.0) * (weight B @ 0.5 = value 1.0)

This allows for true interpolations, special thanks go to Daniel Pook Kolb – finally starting to understand this.

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  1. January 27, 2010

    Hi Charles,
    I saw Daniel’s system some time back but I was not sure how exactly Data Point Theory worked. Recently I was thinking about a problem where I had to drive one value based on two inputs. I was thinking about multiple possibilities. In a simplest form I tried A*B to drive C and it kind of worked for that problem. And non-linear output intrigued me. So I was trying different ways to have one value driven from multiple values. I thought of adding a range that defines the weight of the input. e.g. 0.5-1 of A drives 0-1 of C in combination with B (somehow). This mapping can be an equation representing linear, spline or custom curve. I realized that really what I am thinking about is shape combination technique. And then I saw your post and it helped me understand Daniel’s system better. So I will be keeping an eye on what you write. Thanks for sharing.

    Between did you see metadata rigging approach from Bungie studio people? Here is the link,
    I have been planning metadata based rigging on paper based on Block Party and this presentation.


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