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Design, Conformity and Abstraction

October 8, 2009


Here’s a great website on good design and conformity. I find myself very in tune with it, as firstly I’m a very spatial person and secondly I tend to abstract ideas, math etc to  the most efficient model I can get them. This has its good and bad sides as the aesthetic sensibilities can tend to take over sometimes leaving something that is very beautiful but to far abstracted from the original construct – the way I deal with this is essential teach my brain to have guide post I have to stick to.

My brain has always worked spatially even from very young age, as an example my mother would allow me to walk a certain distance from home and her work each day – I’d tend to walk a long stretch then make a right angle. Each day I’d keep making successive right-angles from the last street I went down and slowly map out the city in my brain. I still do the same thing today.

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