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Simple dynamics and clickability!

October 9, 2007


I tend to think in small chunks – I break down an idea, work out each part and then put it back together hopefully. I’m trying to use this approach with dynamics – I’m looking into a simple system to handle a variety of situations. Currently I’m thinking of simple spherical detection. This method use just a diameter from a point – its a simple system, but it might be scalable for more complexity.

Dynamics I find very hard to get to grips with, I have to take it very very slowly. Just understanding derivatives is hard, as its the function of the equation. Its also very fragile as a system – finite tweaks make big changes, especially in complex systems. My aim is to build simple systems that can be ‘bolted’ together right across the board from dynamics, to transformation stuff. Its sort of the middle man of rigging. I’m not the string or the parts of the puppet, im the knots that tie the string to the parts.

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  1. June 13, 2008

    oh, don´t tell me about it…..
    a while ago i´ve tried to figure out “verlet equations” to test inside tentacles,
    but i almost freak out……oO….

    i decided to try a very (very², very³) simple idea to “fake” a spring system….

    thanks for your aproach with matrix transform about it !!

    if you don´t mind, soon i will make some tests and i´d like to share with you, ok ?


    keep rigging

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