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One button push rigging?

September 10, 2007


I was trying to figure out a problem at cgtalk only to think about systems that have existed in the internet for years – ‘one button’ do all’s. Amazon does it,  Apple does it so why cant rigs do it? Well theres two problems: encompassing options and allowing the animator/rigger to easily build the nessary limb.

Now these can be built into a rig, building changability into a rig is possible to a certain extent, add extra bones in a spine for instance could work and would have to be set prior to hitting that shiny one button that, not only builds everything but also frees up easy posing and adjust of the said limb, before you skin it.

 I really like the idea of  modular  rigs  as a whole complete with bones, setup and controls – and also adjustability. Press one button, build a spine, move the controls where you want them, everything updates and is ready to go!

The finer elements are hard to work out – the problem comes in how finite you want to go.  I like the idea of chunks: foot, hand, spine, head. And smaller chunks finger, toe etc. I dont know if id go really finite? but maybe you need it. Another problem is say you’ve made a spine, and an arm – how these connect is interesting? Would there be a one button select the parts and press – which glues them together? Like a shoulder bone joining an arm to a chest?

A toolset of modules and tools?

Could we define a toolset of modules and tools?, for instance we could have spine, limb, hand, foot, head, digit – modules? and a set of tools to essentially glue them together based on what they are. I.e could we build spore as a tool for riggers?

Would we need a toolset for deformation, adding twist? etc – maybe this would be plugged into the modules automatically. For me i see it as a very simple process: build your modular parts, adjust them and parent them as need be. A fast rig.

I think the modules would have to be in seperate units – i see one set of just the building blocks. One set of controllers eg. torso control and a finally toolset of ‘setting up’ essentially the modules e.g

pick the head, pick the torso and it builds in keyable transform spaces onto the head?, i dunno just ideas.

Edit: The keyable pivot is an idea inspired by  Jason Schleifer, Animator friendly rigging. Go check out his site here. 

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