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A modular method to handle deformation.

July 10, 2007


I was thinking today about a modular method to handle deformation – this would be able to handle twist, stretch, curviness and scale all in one system – that would be easy to setup and dynamic to the user in both control method stretch on/off for instance and speed/interactivity etc.

I was thinking of modular chunks that bolt onto a simple control rig, and allow for control of twist, deformation, scale and stretch/compression all in one handy system. Most of this module I’ve spec’d out and written. Gluing it all together is another matter, but relatively straight forward.

The module would work on what your rig can do in its current state – for instance if your rig can stretch, this layer of deformation if turned on to stretch would do exactly the same thing but add additional twist, scale, compression, plus a layer of control for all this. Twist itself would have a bias control to fix popping.

 It would be you build a pretty simple rig and bolt on a more detail layer of deformation – animators could still use the base rig – but TDs could add a pass or even snr animators a more finite level of detail.

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