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Fourier Synthesis and Harmonic Oscillation

July 2, 2007


So currently im looking into a a scripting language to so I can develop my math stuff outside of the software and keep it a data driven as possible – currently its between JavaScript or Python. All I really care about is class definitions and handling functions.

I’m also looking into fourier synthesis, harmonic oscillations and and analog synthesis as a friend and I have a plan for an interesting tool! 🙂 Should be fun. Im also looking into oscillation and phase shift as a tool for animators – something along the lines of the ‘Wiggly Splines’ Pixars paper – I understand the basics of it, but it gets into territory dealing with basis function and new curve generalizations which in theory is possible but for max I’d either have to write sdk something else.

As to fourier synthesis, it’s really very very powerful as it allows paramaterisation of the wave form, such as quantization, rectify and full-rectifying with relative ease. Phase shift, frequency, amplitude and magnatude (terms of cosine and sine) can be handled in a deterministic fashion. Functions such as high-pass, reverb are a little more complex but if ineffect you controlling just the terms of the synthesis it might be easier.

High/low pass deal with frequency cut-off using two variables: the frequency and the attenuation: a range of q1-q10. I’m still a little confused as to how to affect the waveform as a process of the fourier – but I’m looking into it.

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