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More on FACS, rules need and animation correctives.

June 16, 2007



I’ve included what would be needed for a non-breakable system for the animators, it includes (in green) some 10 more additional targets needed. In total there’s some 30 targets for 6 base shapes. What key with a combination network system is:

  • How many connections a corrective has.
  • And how these are connected.

If we split the system down into essentially ‘stacks’ then it can become easier to understand, the first stack is an order of 1 -this is the base stack, then 2 then 3 and so on; for each corrective in its appropriate stack its has the same amount of inputs as the order of the stack. What becomes interesting is the connections, in most cases the last stack drives the next but we also have unique connections such as a 2 stack corrective (6 + 9)  driving a 5th stack corrective jumping 3 stacks.

Whats also important in this system is compiling the network when you change a corrective in a stack. On each stack all you need to be doing is generating a corrective and the inputs it requires – compiling this network would go through the connections a build the correctives. What the user see’s/modifies is the final corrective – which is infact a mathmatical ‘messed up’ target working behind the scenes. Whether this is realtime generated thing or a procedural ‘compiling ‘ step depends. Then later takes your ‘asthetic’ target, looks at its inputs and generates the real corrective.

The network is non-comunicative in terms of process – its a left to right system with all the corrective looking only at there inputs with a simple sorting method.

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  1. June 18, 2007

    I miss you! Nice blog mate.

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