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FACS based corrective targets.

June 10, 2007


I can see how Bay Raitt must of gone crazy building the facial network for Gollum. Looking at the FACS (facial action coding system) action units of the upper face and its corresponding corrective targets  made me go a little doolally! – First off even though the algorithm of driving the correction is a simple sort issue – the order in which they driven is a little un nerving:

On the left are the base targets – the action units. From left to right the orange nodes are the corrective targets  needed – you have to build them in this order as for target “1 + 2 + 4 + 5” you need “1+4+2”, “1+4+5” and “2+4+5” then “1+4”, “4+5”!!

Dont get me started on how many you need to link to the mouth and well the mouth targets themselves!!!


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  1. June 11, 2007

    True…that`s exactly what I was thinking when reading some of P.Ekman studies. What Bay Raitt did was interpreting the FACS in a facial rig , friendly for the animators. Wich is what really can cause nervous breakdown 🙂 But what if instead you give the animators control directly over the action units….of course you must give them the whole FACS studies after that 🙂 but anyway… I was just thinking of a way that can make the things not so complicated for “rigging” 🙂 … I couldn`t think of any..

  2. June 11, 2007

    Well basically a compromise is needed – there around 40-50 action units. Those alone are going to do 70-80% will still will cause some considerable breaks.

    In the example above i included the eye corrections too, which add huge amounts of more corrective targets – but that essentially do nothing than lower there intensity. Plus I have to include the animation ‘fix’ correctives to resolve all combinations basically.

    If we can come up with a essentially set of areas: brow, cheeks, mouth, jaw and there key correctives – then we wont go insane.

    Basically just build the correctives that change the shape of the face rather than the intensity of the AU combinations.

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