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skin simulation

August 24, 2006


I was thinking today about skin simulation, and theorising what the key parts you need in a system – what you get for free and what costs. For one, sliding of the skin and volume transformations in world position space come for free. In my mind there result of the same system. What you dont get for free is rotation of the volume in world space, and tension of the skin i.e tickyness.

 As firstly you need to store cached vectors, i.e a reference to a base set of vertexs. And these base set need essentially dynamic properties: whether there stationary or sticky about there world trasnform. Most system i take it need to cache a set of positions for the verts of the mesh to rely on, be it with normals or rays.

 From writting, i can see a possibly viable solution to sliding and even transformations including world space rotations. You just need to transfrom the matrix of the vectors in an array of sorts. Sticky skin is tougher and even tougher still is what the skin does in the gaps, between the muscles under the skin. Ontop of this does it sag? jiggle? does skin weighting add to the result.

In my mind it should be one solution where you can decide either by paint ala ILM’s tool, whether the vert is sticking, slding or creasing.

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