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Math notation.

March 21, 2006


Ive just started being able to read math notation correctly. One of the stumbling blocks was sigma. I knew it was summation, but how it works with the other parts/equation was where i got stuck at. This is a Full-wave Rectified Sine; i’ll explain how I turn it into maxscript soon.

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  1. Galen B #
    June 2, 2006

    Hey Eek,

    I’m still totally in the dark with that equation. What’s the secret with the summation then? I get that it’s a loop but is it that the lower number is your start and the top is the end? Do you preform the equation after the Sigma as the sum or the one before? The stuff is hard!

    [edit] Oh nevermind just read the next post. I think I get it…

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